Mike W. Clark Has Died

Mike Clark died in his sleep last night.


His family announced on Facebook, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Mike Clark has passed away during the night. He is now flying high like he always wanted. 🛫🛬✈️🛩 We do ask for the privacy of the family members as they mourn his passing but welcome to leave any posts or comments below and they will be passed on to the family.”

31 thoughts on “Mike W. Clark Has Died

  1. From highschool in the early 90s to the new Drew and Mike podcasts, Mr. Clark has made me laugh my ass off. So sorry to hear about the loss. All of Southeastern Michigan will miss him greatly.


  2. So sorry to hear this sad news! He made us laugh so hard we’d cry!! Rest In Peace Mike, and our deepest sympathies to the family 😢💕


  3. I’m so incredibly sad. I spent many years driving to work, laughing tearfully all the way. Thank you for all the belly laughs Mike! Rest peacefully, I hope your flying high!


  4. Thanks Mike for all the laughs. I hope you always realized what you meant to people that might have been going through hard times and had you to pull them through. ” Free as a bird ” fly high !


  5. So sad to hear this, I listened to the Drew & Mike show for 20+ years and loved my morning commute because of them. The end of the show was the end of an era. My sincere sympathy to Trish, his family and everyone who loved him.


  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families. Listened many years to his show, R.I.P. Mike.


  7. This is horrible news. I cannot believe how sad I am for a person I never met. He truly was hilarious and although I missed him on the podcast ; Drew always kept talking about him and the stories we all lived through.
    Thank you Mike God Bless and RIP.


  8. So very sad to hear this! I listened to Drew and Mike from 1997 until I moved to Wisconsin in 2011, my mom sent me a message with the last minutes of their final show at WRIF! Just recently discovered the new podcast and it brought me all kinds of memories (aka salad story!) RIP, I’m so sorry, Trish and family.


  9. I am heartbroken! From high school on he has made me laugh so hard I peed myself! My thoughts and prayers to Trish and the rest of his family. Rest in paradise my friend we will never forget you.


  10. RIP Mike Clark from all your fans in Windsor Ontario.
    Myself a huge fan.
    A very funny but professional gentleman.
    He kept the show going while his partner Drew was working on a contract.
    Feeling sad for all the family, friends & dedicated fans of the show.


  11. His late night voice mails from State games were priceless. thankyou Mike for all your years of making my mornings with you and Drew. He would of loved to see the Mich vs State game and then the Irish. Rest in Piece. You will be missed.


  12. RIP Mike. Over 20 years of listening to you you and Drew brighten my day. Morning radio hasn’t been the same and never will.


    • He’s definitely gonna be missed – I loved their morning show-in fact I moved to vegas ten years ago and lived stream the show here – which meant I listened at 3 am here – he’s definitely up there with all the best that have past along too –


  13. I am deeply sad by Mike’s passing. So many many great memories! My husband and I even taped some of the morning shows so we could listen to them on all those week end drives house hunting back in the ’90’s. I even sat outside the radio station on Drew and Mike’s last day and had Micky Redmond deliver a good bye package to them.
    To Drew, Trisha and his family my deepest sympathy! He was a part of all our mornings!!


  14. I am currently listening to the “Best of Mike” and laughing and remembering how much he and Drew were a part of our every day life. Mike you will be missed, hopefully you are flying around heaven in your favorite plane looking for “Twoooo tiiicketssss fooor Bowieedeeee!!! RIP Biiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!


  15. First to the family,

    Very sorry for your loss. You knew Mike on another level, and I hope the special memories you hold of him will be with you forever, and that they can be passed down thru generations.

    Drew, (& Trudy)

    I’m sorry for the loss of your close friend, radio partner, brother from another mother. I’m sad for your loss.

    I loved your show on WRIF, absolutely loved it, so many great laughs. I haven’t much listened to the station after you guys left.

    Sad day for radio when you guys departed 101, sad day losing Mike.

    Will keep your best of clips for years to come, and hopefully share with my daughters once they’re old enough (25+ LoL!!)

    Thinking of you all,

    Dustyn Janzen
    (Canadian listener and fan)


  16. Mike Clark had a fabulous sense of humor and a gift for telling stories that we all enjoyed. My condolences to the family, he will be missed!


  17. No words for our loss. DITTO to everyone’s comments. I’ve never felt closer to this family of his fans! Mike made us ALL laugh until we cried, got us through hard times and made us all TRULY feel like he was a good close friend when we’d never even met him!
    We couldn’t WAIT for “Drew and Mike” to come on in the morning! … and how many times did we ALL quote the “drops” from that show!?!!! TOO many memories to recount here. R.I.P. sir.
    Sincerest condolences to his family, co-workers and ALL of the listening area. We’ll never forget you, Mike… I KNOW he can feel the love.
    One of a kind. Nobody was funnier or more appreciated!
    Fly HIGH, sir!


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