Drew annoyed by Voice Mail

Drew finds this one particular voice mail message really obnoxious.

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The Best of Mike Clark Audio


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  • Mike’s Boner Story – Download
  • Mike’s Bestriend – Download
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  • Mike night call? – Download
  • Mike’s Gallbladder – Delux Edition – Download
    • Mike Gallbladder Fox 2 Story – Download
    • John Smyntek on Mike’s Gallbladder Story – Download
    • Deena Centofanti responds to Sminity – Download
  • Mike’s Dad kills a bat in the nude – Download
  • Mike emails Kid Rock – Download
  • Mike 3D Printer – Download
  • Mike’s MSU Voicemail 2004- Download
  • Mike’s MSU/Notre Dame Voicemail 2006- Download
  • Mike’s MSU Voicemail Best Of’s – Download
  • Mike’s Salad Story – Download
  • Mike out of control – Download
  • Mike’s Promises – Download
  • Mike Clark’s Golf Fantasy Video – Download
  • Mike Clark Open Mic – Download
  • Mike’s Gay Stories – Download
  • Mike’s Dad and his friend Art – Download
  • Mike and the Garage Door – Download
  • Mike Garage Door Anniversary – Download
  • Mike’s Bowling Voicemail – Download
  • Mike calls 911 – Download
  • Mike Clark, Welcome Back – Download
  • Mike introduced to David Trump – Download
  • Mike Clark take Marc and Mike Flying – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Friends Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Jingle Edition – Download (No Drew)
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Sports Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Stump Mike Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – General Edition I – Download

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Mike W. Clark Has Died

Mike Clark died in his sleep last night.


His family announced on Facebook, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Mike Clark has passed away during the night. He is now flying high like he always wanted. 🛫🛬✈️🛩 We do ask for the privacy of the family members as they mourn his passing but welcome to leave any posts or comments below and they will be passed on to the family.”

National Geographic Special on 9/11

Drew and Mike review Inside 9/11 is a three-part television documentary film produced by Towers Productions that premiered on August 21 and August 22, 2005, on the National Geographic Channel. The program covers the September 11, 2001 attack, the events that led to it, and its aftermath. The first part consisted of examining, event by event, the build-up towards September 11. The second part consisted of the events of 9/11 itself and the aftermath. Experts and eyewitnesses provide their accounts of the attacks, and the events are covered in chronological order.


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