Baseball Drew


The official Drew and Mike facebook page shared this photo of Drew from 1976.



2 thoughts on “Baseball Drew

  1. Guy’s consider changing your format so that you label each show as an “episode” rather than a part one or two. No one cares what the dates are and it will be easier for us to keep track of where we are at and how we converse with other fans about what happens on which episodes. It will also will help with the delay when you are referring to current events especially with sports. If you say V. Mart hit a walk off last night, we will just think we are listening to the previous days episode. Kind of tricks the mind into not caring instead of glaringly being off a day. Hell, you could even do three shows in a day and it would all just be episode 162,163 and 164! I am actually curious to know how many episodes you are up to since you have been back! Good luck wish you the best getting a show again if that is what you desire and please try to get Mike in there for at least a visit here and there! I loved hearing his potty mouth unleashed! What the heck is wrong with him? There is no crying in radio!


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