Drew and Marc

Recorded September 1, 2016 | Download now

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.39.49 AM.png

  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Drew is suffering from “The LeDuff Curse”
  • For some reason, a letter from Brian never made it to the studio.
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  • Serious Issue, Shallow Thought on a malnourished dog story.  Care to take a guess?
  • “Jasina’ing In”
  • Chris Brown and his current troubles.
  • Space X rocket goes kablooie along with Facebook’s satellite.
  • Drew has a Serious Issue, Shallow Thought on Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Sounds like Mike Love from the Beach Boys has some great material coming out of his new book to include Charlie Manson.
  • Steven Avery… chick magnet.
  • Mike Illitch makes an appearance at the Tigers game.
  • Some more changes in Detroit radio personalities.
  • College football time is here!
  • Hink Dog is a working man now?
  • Drew tells us about some crazy Elvis stories he’s read so far inLinda Thompson‘s new book.  Interview with her coming soon.
  • Mike Duggan and the DMC surgical tools issue.
  • Christopher Guest and “Mascots” coming out.
  • We learn about “The Orgy Dome” at The Burning Man.

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