Go Topless Day – Sunday Show

Recorded on Sunday, August 28, 2016 | Download the Show

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.44.13 AM.png


  • Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and The Don are here today!
  • Ladies, did you remember to celebrate “Happy Go Topless Day“?
  • It will be a sad day if Trump is elected President as Barbara Streisand will move to Australia.
  • Oh look, airhead Kim Kardashian is introducing Britney Spears on the 2016 VMA’s.
  • Britney Spears has shadow hands as part of her set, how about a shadow penis?
  • A promo is running for Michael Strahan’s upcoming GMA debut.
  • Oh look, Kayne West is on the VMA’s.  Who’s slower?  Him or Dr. Phil?
  • Were Drew and Mike the only two that liked Quick Change?
  • Was Marc the only one to like Ivan The Urban Action Figure?
  • What’s your opinion on Colin Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem?
  • “Unpatriotic” Gabby Douglas was the only of the 5 US gymnasts not at the VMA’s?
  • Katie Ledecky throws out the first pitch at the Nationals.
  • Lots of ejections at the Tigers game last night.
  • Edwin Encarnacion is facing a lawsuit from Ashley Lebron over STD’s.
  • On the subject of “fire crotches”, it’s the 10 year anniversary of “Greasy Bear” Brandon ripping on Lindsay Lohan’s muff.
  • Should Rihanna get a lifetime achievement award at the age of 28?
  • Revisiting the dirty surgical tools at the DMC.  Would you get a surgery there?
  • Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner is sexting his 8=====D again?
  • Rolling through the ‘bloids to include Johnny And Amber, Miley Cyrus on “The Voice” and Adam’s displeasure, Chaz Bono coming in at a scale-crushing 345 pounds, Johnny Depp’s family pushing for rehab, WIll Smith paying gay hush money, Larry and Shawn King.
  • I sold cocaine to Matt Lauer
  • A woman from Pontiac wins a $500,000 lawsuit over revenge porn.
  • White Boy Rick is in the news again… which means Drew is in the comments.
  • A woman in Detroit that is providing school supplies for kids.  Why aren’t parents doing this or using available services for this?
  • Does Marc need de-programming from the cult that is U of M?



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