Drew and Marc start the week!

Download the Show | August 8, 2016

  • Drew and Marc Host!
  • Marc and Drew share in-flight horror stories.
  • A-Rod delivers an emotional retirement speech.
  • Brett Favre also lays out a prepared speech at his Hall of Fame induction.
  • At least Brett’s speech was prepared unlike the playing field for the game.
  • ESPN’s issues really impacting Disney stock.
  • Who could forget the “Fabulous Sports Babe“?
  • Have you seen the women’s beach volleyball event in the Olympics?  Quite the uniform difference between Egypt and Germany.
  • Michael Phelps has a baby, quite the history of girlfriends to include an intersexual.
  • Dominique Moceanu has a secret sister.
  • Olympic Dutch women’s cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten crashes hard.
  • Railing collapses at a Snoop Dogg / Wiz Khalifa concert injuring dozens.
  • Going back to the turbo escalator that launched hockey fans.
  • Reviewing some hilarious videos to include an old man vs. an escalator, a man taking a projectile dump in a parking structure (mute your speakers unless you like shit music), a woman loafing one at the store, “hilarious” diarrhea compilation (again, shit music so mute speakers?), and thehippo weed whacker.
  • If you live in Philadelphia, please don’t use the dumpsters for a swimming pool.
  • It looks like Norman Pardo’s “OJ Final Cut” movie is ready for release.
  • Reflecting back on Dave Herman, former NYC radio DJ busted in a child sex sting and has since passed away.
  • A walk down memory lane with movie footage that was shot for “Slap Shot 2” from the Drew & Mike days that was never used.
  • This of course leads us to “Ray & Pete“.
  • Stephen Baldwin was in “Slap Shot 2” and had given his card to Trudi.
  • Trump was in Detroit today.  He has an ad out regarding Hillary’s short-circuiting and she has one out regarding hisoutsourcing of clothing manufacture.
  • Fairfax, Virginia mayor Scott Silverthorne busted in a meth-for-sex scheme.
  • Oscar Pistorius “fell out of bed” in prison and somehow injured his wrists.  Suicide attempt?
  • Citizen’s arrest of a speeding police officer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.45.33 AM.png


One thought on “Drew and Marc start the week!

  1. I can’t even mail drew about the biggest michigan crime my dad was pen pals to John norman Collins and I have seen some odd shit come out his typewriter. … I think if I created a relationship cause my dad wanted me to would be a great idea . My dad had this dudes ear . I know serial crime is money my pops talked to dude and I work in Oak park hit me back fellas for a talk. Scooterj1984@gmail.com


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