Drew and Marc Hosting

  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Mike Clark is undergoing a sleep study!
  • Kid Rock aboard the “Rock It” Jimmy John’s boat.
  • We regret to report that “The Bachelorette” finale has occurred and that Robby is now a resident of Dumpsville.
  • Would you donate millions of dollars to George W. and Laura Bush… to watch their cat Ernie?
  • Drew likens the “I Am JFK, Jr.” documentary to a PR piece.
  • Takes us to a brief tour of the President Kennedy and President Bill Clinton days.
  • How would Ivanka Trump handle sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • No time or patience for babies at Trump speeches.
  • Even The Donald needs a little KFC at times.
  • Circling back to “JFK, Jr.” documentary, Kennedy’s won’t speak at non-Kennedy funerals and who could forget the arguing between Caroline and John, Jr.?
  • Vanilla Ice misses a flight and is pissed about it.
  • Karlie “Miss Teen USA” Hay is sooooo sorry for making racist tweets 3 years ago.  A no-name director narcs her out.
  • Trying to reach the first American to have a double hand transplant.
  • Shannon Doherty and her troubled relationships and her cancer spreading beyond the boobs.
  • Detroiter Sebastian Gregerson is nailed with an arsenal of weapons.
  • 50th anniversary of Charles Q. Whitman and the University of Texas Bell Tower incident.
  • Ramiro, one of the responding officers who declared “I got him!” a little after the fact.
  • JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke is going to “speak out” on Dr. Phil.
  • Bad Santa 2 coming soon.
  • Pokemon Go is annoying the residents of Saint Clair Shores.  Can’t figure out why.  One of its interviewed players sounded beyond intelligent.
  • Following the celebrity rolodex fun yesterday, how about a swing through John Hinckley, Jr.’s neighbors and of course dear ol’ mum?
  • Larry King ponders what it’s like to be a “junior” and Robert DeNiro adds depth to the JFK, Jr. documentary.
  • Marc has a unique strategy when voting for delegates.
  • With the success of hotel reviews, let’s check on some reviews of cities.
  • Joey expands our social media presence to SnapChat.  Search on “DrewMikePodcast”.

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