Drew and Marc

July 22, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Marc Host
  • More terrorism
  • Some loser teens set a dog on fire in Detroit.
  • A partially mummified body is found in a Hazel Park
  • Vegas is putting 7-to-1 odds on Michigan.
  • Mark Bernstein withdraws his $3 million dollar bid…
  • Sam Riddle doesn’t like the ratio of African American Detroit Police…
  • Officer Robot was on duty in New York chatting with the hoax bomber.
  • Back on the North Miami autistic therapist being shot.
  • Marc has a SIST (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought) on the police chief Gary Eugene.
  • Xenophobic tirade coming out of the Munich shooter.
  • Van Jones was terrified by Donald Trump’s speech.
  • Bobby Knight makes a quickie speech during the RNC.
  • The last manufacturer of VCR’s is shutting down.
  • 51 year old teacher Sandra Mayfield gives a student a BJ’er in the parking lot.
  • Coming soon to a dictionary near you:  “Butt Hurt”, “Lumbersexual”, “Athleisure”.
  • Hillary Clinton wants you to know that “Love Trumps Hate”.
  • Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife blows through $5 million
  • Hugo, Colorado has a water issue.  THC is found during testing.
  • Bill “Spaceman” Lee has a new movie coming out.
  • Dennis Rodman involved in a drunken hit and run?
  • Drew shares a “twat tater” story from his brother.
  • Marc tells us about a doctor guessing the hole.
  • Joe Nathan is moving to the Cubs.
  • Hall of Fame time and this resurrects some Mike Piazza stories.
  • Draymond Green reaches a plea agreement.
  • Will Ray Rice be able to play again?
  • Charlotte, North Carolina loses the NBA All-Star game over the bathroom law.
  • Discussion over transgender and Black Lives Matter.  What did you think of Peter Thiel’s RNC speech?
  • We check out former high maintenance intern Vinny Stubb’s radio demo tape.
  • Al Fellhauer butt dialed a voicemail to Marc.  Have you got a favorite butt dial story?  Email it in.
  • Cops can’t pull you over for having your brights on.
  • Martha Reeves had her $15 per person birthday party.  More of the backstory of her beef with Trudi.
  • Hillary Clinton names Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her Vice President pick.
  • Hallelujah!  Joel Osteen is coming to Comerica Park!
  • This runs us through loads of televangelist scandals and we land on John Oliver setting up a church (Our Lady Of Perpetual Exemption) and prospering from it.
  • Tom Sizemore in trouble with domestic violence.
  • How about a nice getaway to a cavern hotel in the Grand Canyon?
  • Maggs getting fat-shamed on social media.
  • Brazil arrests 10 dolts planning terrorism with the Olympics looming.
  • Will Rio be ready in time for the Olympics?

2 thoughts on “Drew and Marc

  1. How in the hell can you reach these guys without all of the social media crap? I refuse to join facebook, twitter, etc.

    Drew and Marc, keep up the good work. Mike, take another long vacation. Sorry, don’t like to hurt feelings, but…


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