Thong Man dies 44 days after talking with Drew and Mike

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Drew and Mike interviewed Joseph Gottschalk on May 8, 2003. He lived in  San Antonio, Texas and gained notoriety in 2003 because he had a preference for riding his bicycle in only his thong. 44 days later, on June 21st, Mr. Gottschalk was found dead in Big Bend National Park. His death was eventually ruled a suicide.




2 thoughts on “Thong Man dies 44 days after talking with Drew and Mike

  1. Sad that this man was just doing what he felt he had the legal and human right to do and was bullied and made fun of for doing so.

    What’s even sadder is that he commuted suicide shortly after being bullied by these radio jocks.

    This interview made me cringe the way he was constantly laughed at and belittled during the interview.


    • Thank you for your kind words. My father raised us with an acute sense that authority is not equatable to any moral high ground. He was not the robot these hosts made him out to be, and I cringe along with you when listening to this. Plus, their projection about what my own mother’s experience must have been like is particularly offensive. Wrong.
      Still, I’m grateful that this audio is still available in 2022. I hadn’t heard my dad’s voice since 2003.


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