Drew, Marc and Trudi!

  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • Back to back police shootings with videos.
  • Russell Wilson and Ciara wed
  • Trudi is keeping her eye on the annual Running of the Bulls… well the groping at least.  And who can forget the tomato fights?
  • 73 year old caught beating off at the Northville Community Pool.
  • Let’s get a call into attorney William Seikaly who represented thevictim of Charles Pugh.
  • Bob Bashara, celebrity erectile dysfunction commercials and other assorted goodies.
  • Gretchen Carlson, former Miss America and the latest on the sexual harassment story.
  • More Kwame Kilpatrick to include Carlita getting busted theCarmen Slowski hot tub incident.
  • Playback of the shooting aftermath Facebook video of Philando Castile.
  • Highland Park Human Rights Officer Ramzu Yunus taken down by several officers during his arrest, but “Serious Issue… Shallow Thought” from Marc is the comparison of Ramzu’s logo and Al Jazeera.
  • Tony Blair may be taking on some heat for the Iraq War, which take us to George Bush doll drops being back.
  • Sulu is coming out in the upcoming Star Trek movie.
  • Propecia drops!
  • A Wahlburgers location might be opening soon near you.
  • Reality TV shows and Riley Keough (Granddaughter of Elvis “I’m Sorry, Momma”) in “The Girlfriend Experience”.
  • Remember Vincent James and “Forever Love”?
  • What to name the studio?
  • Trudi introduces us to the Traveling Sprinkler and Marc introduces us to its 1 star ratings.

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