Drew and Mike, #40

July 1, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff Host
  • Drew’s paper pile.
  • Charlie is riding with the Detroit Fire Department tonight with GoPro in hand.
  • Johnny Manziel plans to go sober in a day or so.
  • Charlie and Drew swap DUI stories.
  • DTE Energy has plans for a downtown park.
  • Charlie takes mild exception to being told to put up porch railings.
  • iTunes ranking is in the 30’s, please help us get back into the 20’s.
  • The girl that claimed Frank Smoger chucked her in the river… lied.
  • Do you think we’re the ones to consult about fireworks safety?
  • Lenny Dkystra Interview Review
  • John Wayne Gacy drops.
  • More and more teachers seem to be banging their students.
  • Human traffickers are trying to appeal to Uber drivers now?

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