Drew and Mike, #039 – Marc and Trudi

Download the Show | June 30, 2016

  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • Marc enlightens us on “Empty Platitudes” and studio relics that were discovered.
  • The Toilet Bowl Cleaners CD with “23.jpg Farts”.
  • Remember the Draft Battle trophy?
  • Updates with Mike W. Ckark
  • Marc and the Wall Of Charlotte.
  • Going back to the 105.1 news articles and clearly Drew shouldering the blame for it.
  • A dad finds his daughter’s sex toy.  What could be embarrassing about that?
  • More relics that Marc found to include the Auto Blow 2.
  • The never ending Detroit Free Press countdown of the top 100 Motown hits, from which we discover Ed!
  • Remaking Detroit’s Paradise Valley.
  • Chatting about airport security in Istanbul brings us to “Istanbul, Not Constantinople).
  • The Swiss have high standards for its citizenship.  Just ask girls in swimming class or boys not shaking the teacher’s hand.
  • Drew and Marc disapprove of sweatpants and pajama pants, but yoga pants are ok.  What do you think?
  • Memory lane of reality TV to include Rick Rockwell, Darva Conger and Evan Marriott.
  • Do you think the Nike tennis outfits are too revealing?
  • We get a text back from Mr. Clark about the 105.1 end.
  • Is “Bachelorette” Jo Jo getting hooked up with a fraud?
  • Lenny Dykstra has a new book out, “House of Nails”.  We go through some of his back story to include the origins of “Two Strawberry Dongs”, “Keep It Stiff”, calling older people “Bro” along with his aversion to urine and feces.
  • Should Marc become an Uber driver?

5 thoughts on “Drew and Mike, #039 – Marc and Trudi

  1. Breaking news, 105.1 is now a hip hop and R&B station! Thank God for your podcasts, my mornings are whole again!


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