Drew and Mike – #26 with ML

June 13, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew’s neighbors are catching on to what is going on in Drew’s basement.
  • Detroit Lions are finally getting cheerleaders?
  • XFL
  • Who jumped out of a dumpster / trash can first?  Charlie LeDuff or ML Elrick?
  • A quick revisit of Kwame and the Lincoln Navigator along with former Detroit police chief Ella Bully Cummings.
  • Is there a sex tape of Muhammad Ali?  Ask Barbara Mensah.
  • Reminiscing on the Ali boxing days.
  • Did Donald Trump actually operate off a prepared speech for once?
  • M.L. Takes on Jeff Moss and Detroit Sports Rag Website
  • MSU Conner Cook’s Dad on Twitter
  • Covering Orlando terrorist event some more and the lousy wife beater.  The eeriness for first responders of hearing the victims’ phones ringing from loved ones in the aftermath.
  • ML tells us about the “Anchor Man Pool Party”.
  • We’re on Twitter!  @DrewMikePodcast.
  • Don’t forget to follow ML Elrick on Twitter as well, @Elrick.
  • Twitter trolls
  • ML’s take on some tough cases to include Davontae Sanford.

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