Drew and Mike #020

June 6, 2016 | Download the Episode Directly | Download via iTunes


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 02:28:19 Hours Long
  • Back with Drew and Mike!
  • Would-be assassin is enjoying visits with mom and guitar lessons?
  • Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton busted for DUI.
  • Does wanting a more secure border and associated wall make Donald Trump a racist?
  • Muhammad Ali passes away.  Remember those days with Ali and Howard Cosell?
  • The Miss USA pageant was scant on brains and boobs.
  • Circling back to Donald Trump, let’s talk to Mr. Bob Guillo and get his take on Donald Trump University.
  • As Trudi rightfully pointed out, Johnny Depp is looking rather haggard.
  • What’s your take on Harambe gorilla incident from the Cincinnati Zoo?
  • Did you catch the National Anthem covered by Carlos and Cindy Santana at the NBA Finals?
  • Drew re-reads “The Life And Times Of Phil Hartman” by Mike Thomas with rediscovered tidbits of how it went down with Brynn.



One thought on “Drew and Mike #020

  1. Gotta have the swearing preacher drops. And whoever that guy was that’s was turned on by himself. I believe Mike Clark enjoys those drops lol.


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