Drew and Mike #010

May 16, 2016 – Podcast #010 Download (Host: Drew and Marc)


  • Show notes by the Drew and Mike Podcast
  • 1:52:44 Hour Show
  • Marc Fellhauer is in the house!
  • It’s a sloooow Monday
  • An attempt to dump on Trump by a load of reporters to include a story of an ex-girlfriend/model of his named Rowanne Brewer Lane which might help Trump instead.
  • Why is Brad Ausmus still coaching the Tigers?
  • John Wayne Bobbitt had not the best time on Steve Harvey’s show, so of course he can get the real story out with us.
  • Which of course leads us into Thomas Manning and the first penis transplant in the U.S.
  • That hot KAZM Duo show with Tom and Mike Tabback deserves more coverage.
  • Break with music from Elvis Costello Pump It Up

  • Guess who Maz ran into at Comic Con?  Hint: “keers”.

2 thoughts on “Drew and Mike #010

  1. Your Bobbitt interview made me piss my pants laughing. Great work guys. Loving the mix of guests Drew. Living in Mexico city right now and this helps so much with me missing Detroit! Let me know how I can support the show until you get the biz rolling.

    P. S. Mike C. Needs to do a “cut it out”

    – josh


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