Drew and Mike Podcast #09

May 13, 2016 – Podcast #009 Download (Host: Drew and Charlie LeDuff)

  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • Did you read Detroit’s own Creem magazine? Scott Crawford is putting together a forthcoming documentary on it. Boy howdy, let’s drop him a call!
  • There have been a number of other great rock documentaries such as Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister.
  • “John Miller” was Donald Trump’s publicist… or was he? What is The Don’s take on this?
  • Is it just Charlie or does Matt Lauer look more and more like a garden gnome
  • Charlie’s Harley Davidson is for sale.
  • Drew tells us of his older brother’s days with the Triumph.
  • Let’s see if we can get any more out of the Mateen Cleaves story with a call to the motel.
  • Flint’s mayor might have been routing donations for the water crisis to her own
  • PAC fund? Donate button on her website suspiciously isn’t working all of a sudden.
  • Drew reaches his radio dream making $30,000 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Charlie is going turkey hunting! Let’s hope he doesn’t go all Cheney and shoot his buddy.
  • Gambling and Vegas.
  • Will Fox 2 approve of Charlie doing a special on hitchhiking Route 66?

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