Drew and Mike Podcast

May 11, 2016 – Podcast #007 Download (Host: Drew, Trudi, Marc)

  • Back at it with Drew and Trudi and Marc!
  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • 1:57:25 Show
  • First show with Trudi! Thank you to Greater Media, WCSX and 105.1 Detroit Sports!
  • Trudi lays down some “Drews Rules”
  • Marc points out the shovel that is still on Drew’s porch in MAY!
  • Let’s hear the Sumner Redstone (head at CBS) recordings… you’ve been warned.
  • Marc thinks “Bob” is Sumner’s Avatar.
  • Some stellar email coming in. Mail@, Drew@, Mike@, Marc@, Trudi@, Charlie@, and Jay@ DrewAndMikePodcast.Com
  • Grosse Ile lacrosse slays an animal before a game and has their season cancelled.
  • You, too can rent out Jeffrey Dahmer’s house.
  • Hunter Osborn adds a “little something” to the football team picture in the high school yearbook.
  • Transgender bathroom discussion takes us to some of the goings-on at the Greater Media stalls.
  • Gene Simmons makes a comment about Prince’s death and apparently Prince rode his bike to Walgreens.
  • Mateen Cleaves and the sexual assault allegations along with a cop filing a lawsuit saying he was pressured to find Mateen guilty.
  • Obama has no apologies for Hiroshima.
  • “T3 Forever!”
  • Who doesn’t want to toss a salad on Fox 2 News?
  • Ozzy’s mistress hairstylist became a “hairstylist to the stars” over what?
  • How is prison treating Subway Jared, Jerry Sandusky, Bob Bashara and Stephen Grant?
  • While click-bait Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is losing weight, Drew has a “Gabby” story of his own.
  • A charitable rack revisit before wrapping things up.

One thought on “Drew and Mike Podcast

  1. Hey Drew I know you like documentarys so on Netflix check out Duff Mckagan It’s so easy and other lies. It’s a good musical journey through his ups and downs. Keep up the good work on the podcast and thanks for all the laughs through the years.


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