Drew and Mike Podcast #003

May 6, 2016 – Podcast #003 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 2:12:02 Hours
  • Facebook feedback is overwhelming
  • Email the guys:
  • mail@drewandmikepodcast.com
  • drew@drewandmikepodcast.com
  • mike@drewandmikepodcast.com
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Jim Nabors Singing at the Indy 500
  • Mike’s 3D Printing Story
  • Prince News
  • Justin Verlander and Kate Upton
  • Jenn Sterger interview with George Stephanopoulos
  • Donald Trump Vs. Hillary


  • Trump vs. Megan Kelly
  • Leah Remini’s book on Scientology
  • Break – Music: Candy Iggy Pop
  • How Donald Trump wins in November
  • Charlie LeDuff golfing at the border
  • Obnoxious Promposals

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