Drew and Mike Podcast #002

May 5, 2016 — Podcast #002 Download (Host: Drew Lane)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 1:28:12 Hours
  • Drew Lane Hosts Solo (with Jay and Tim)
  • Mike will be back tomorrow
  • Gov. Snyder gets booed in Flint
  • Donald Trump, the GOP nominee
  • Idiotic Detroit Teachers
  • Water shutoffs are back in Detroit
  • Drew and Tess are landlords now
  • Q&A Time
  • Prince and his dance party
  • More Q&A
  • Half Show Break with Prince song
  • Donald Trump on the Today show
  • Trump on Cruz and Oswald photo
  • Cruz affairs story
  • Book’s Drew’s been reading
  • Beatles fishing out of hotel room
  • Drew’s weird friend sex story
  • David Spade is Almost Interesting – Eddie Murphy
  • Why Rob Schneider hates Drew and Mike Story
  • Wolf Blitzer Bombs on Jeopardy
  • Mike will be back tomorrow!

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