◾ Drew gets a flat tire
◾call to Birdy the 90 year old sorority sister goes awry: Drew gets c-blocked by the bagel’s sister
◾Matt is dancing his way around the world wherethehellismatt.com
◾Drew uses his ‘Buzz’ persona to ask a library about their policy on viewing porn
◾Keon has a stripper painted on the back of his car
◾what traumatic memory would you erase from your mind
◾catching up with Fabio, laughing at Fabio’s rollercoaster ride/seagull incident
◾Medical Marijuana advocates Randy and Tony
◾call to Fay and Raymond Robson: 90 & 96yr old newlyweds
◾calling the hotel where Russell Crowe attacked a concierge
◾Playboy’s women of Walmart
◾Carlo Riley aka ‘Almost Michael Jackson’ hangs up on Drew
◾call with Rudy Ruettiger


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