A handful of new content!

We are happy to add a show from 2000. Two shows from 2001 and one more show from 2003. Thanks to Dan Derusha & Grant Spendlove & Don Middleton for making it possible for you to listen and download. More to come!!


June of 2000


Listener at Limp Bizkit Concert
Trudy News
Kim Mathers Suicide Attempt – 911 Call
More Trudy News
Kim Mathers rear ends Listener
Listener Emails
Reality TV Talk
Calling a guy who had “spider” bite his penis
Jeff Daniels Phone Call


August 30, 2001
Drew’s Vacation Plans
Sonia Kloss Interview
The “N” Word
Listener Emails
Trudy News
Drew sees the Graduate in LondonTim Allen in Court
Mike Jackson’s new song
Show End.
October 22, 2001
Bin Laden and The Jets Looney Tune by Bob Rivers
The Knack’s Problems
Doug Feiger Interview
Trudy News
Elton John’s gayness needs to be explained
Kent State/EMU Soccer Poster Mishap
S**T Happens Licence Plate
Trudy News
Chris Farley Prank Phone Calls
“I guess he’s pumping somebody” guy
New OJ Trial
No love for the Spartans
Show End.


March 24, 2003


Tess Oscar Idea
Classic Golden Globe Speech Cutoff
Geraldo Rivera “under attack” in Iraq
Iraq War and the Liberal Media
Tim Robbins Oscar Speech
George W. Bush & Fake National Guard Story
Iraq War and the Left’s hope for a loss
More Oscar Speechs
Oprah. Uma. Uma. Oprah. Clown
E’s Oscar Pregame with Mikey Rooney
20/20 Barbara Walters “entering your mouth”
Joe Millionaire
Listener Calls
Trudy News
NRA Listener Calls
Tina Challenges Mike Wolters
Listener Emails
Email from Debbie Schemansky
Oscars Talk
Mike’s Paper Airplane
Early days of Iraq war
Show End


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