This is seriously one of the funnest Drew and Mike phone calls I’ve ever heard. They stumble on to a housekeeper named Clara from Columbia, South Carolina. 

Facts Drew fishes from the phone call:

  • Clara works for Doug, who was held up in Brazil. 
  • Clara went to Las Vegas in November
  • Doug’s lights are broke and a repair man is suppose to be calling about fixing them. 
  • Clara doesn’t know Doug’s Cellaphone Phone number 
  • Clara’s from Columbia, South Carolina. 
  • Clara Broke one of her hips
  • Doug has an answaa machine
  • Doug went to Long Island
  • Doug’s wife name is Rita
  • Clara has a 1998 Bonneville
  • The automatic lights keep going on and off. 
  • Clara has worked for Doug and Rita for 20 years. 
  • Clara will be there until 2:30-3:00 PM

New Facts we find out about Drew:

  • Drew is suppose to fix Doug’s lights
  • Rita and Drew used to date. 
  • Drew and Rita have a daughter together
  • Drew met Rita and fell in love with her when he first came to fix her lights. 
  • Rita is an amazing lover. 
  • Doug doesn’t know about Drew and Rita’s relationship.
  • Drew doesn’t like to kiss and tell
  • Drew has custody of their daughter with Rita
  • Their daughter is a beautiful girl. 
  • Drew has a photo of him with Rita and their daughter, but since it was an artsie photo, they are all nude. 
  • Drew and Roya went to Woodstock together. 
  • Drew thought Rita was going to give birth at Woodstock

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