Lions Lose 12th Game

December 18, 2006Download the Show here


  • Drew is 40 seconds late to the studio
  • Mike is late to the building
  • The Hanukkah Song
  • The Lions lost game 12
  • Traffic, Trudi News, and Sports
    • – Trudi loves new Will Smith movie: Pursuit of Happiness
    • – Tess’ parents are in town (and listening to the show)
    • – Mount Hood Climber Tragedy
    • – Mike’s GPS Climbers idea
    • – Iran Student Revolt
    • – Lindsay Lohan trying to drink and smoke in a club
  • Taco Bell Spot during Lions game – Food is safe
  • Martina’s Taco Shop Commercial
  • Lions Protest Planned
  • Lions Game Review
  • Bobby Knight is a great coach
  • Top 10 Michigan Sports stories #1 Tigers in the World Series
  • The Hanukkah Song, different version
  • SNL with Justin Timberlake was awesome
  • Dick-In-A-Box
  • Barry Gibbs Talk Show
  • ‘Bloids
  • Kevin Federline wants custody of Spears kid
  • David Spade over his head
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding
  • Case against Patsy Ramsey
  • Michael Jackson in bad shape
  • Britney Spears and Federline
  • Trudi News
  • Tom the Killer Kowalski Call
  • Drew squirrel and bird story
  • Mike’s Roof Issues
  • Adele Monroe Makes Mexican employees Learn English
  • Trudi News
  • Mike’s Dad kills a bat nude
  • Nicole Richie DUI
  • Drew watched Nick Cage 911 movie
  • Marc watches Tsunami: The Aftermath
  • Show me the money: CANCELED
  • Linday Lohan Suckie Moivie
  • More Brittany and K-Fed Nonsense
  • Trudi News
  • Show End

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