April 1, 2005 – Terri Schiavo Dies

Download this episode of the Drew and Mike Show!

  • Show Open
  • Terri Schiavo Dies
  • Trying to get a hold of drunk pilot
  • Trudy News
  • Sports
  • Tigers Trivia “Who Am I?”
  • Penis Tattoo Guy
  • Mitch Hedberg Dies
  • Mitch Hedberg Comedy
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Pat O’Brian VM Messages
  • 2 Primetime Live Stories
  • Dolly Neely from Survivor in studio
  • Trudy News
  • Sports
  • Mike’s Bowling
  • Tom Mabe
  • Penis Tattoo Guy
  • Jesus Brother Looney Tune
  • Trudy News
  • Sports

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